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1. Content Upload Process

1. Contents Preparation

Please read our guidelines and prepare the contents before the submission.


  • You must own the copyright of all content you submit to TongRo Images.
  • You must have valid model releases for each recognizable person in the submitted images.
  • You must have valid releases for each element protected by intellectual or property rights.

File size requirement

    • JPEG file only.
    • High resolution : 300dpi min. 1700*1300px and 50min.
    • AI, EPS files are acceptable.
    • JPEG files are required to be submitted along with vectors.
    • To ensure maximum compatibility, please save your vectors in a format compatible with earlier versions of CS, Adobe Illustrator (preferable version is CS2, Illustrator 8)


  • Physical metadata is preferable to IPTC format (xls, txt, csv formats are acceptable).
  • Metadata may include following information : Filename, Date of Photographed, Photographer name, Location, Caption(Title), Keywords, Model Release status.

2. FTP Upload

Once you complete a registration, you will be receiving an email informing of your own FTP information. Please upload your images to given the FTP server and your images will be uploaded on our website after reviewing.


We are looking for commercial quality content. Our editors review all submitted content and select suitable content for commercial. Following qualifications are preferred; using a high quality camera (no digital point and shoots), clean lens, sharp focus, professional lighting and exposure, professional frame composition, proper camera settings, and proper post-production and compressing. It takes 1-2months for reviewing.

Reasons for rejection of contents

  1. Low Quality: Low quality and improper contents for commercial usage cannot be uploaded.
  2. File Size: If file doesn’t meet the size requirement.
  3. Missing files: JPEG and Vectors should be submitted together when submitting illustration.
  4. Incorrect keywords: Keywords should directly relate to the image, not describing too much or little of the images.
  5. Discordance of JPEG and Vectors : JPEG preview should be correspond to Vectors.
  6. Corrupted file
  7. Incorrect file name : File name should not contain any special characteristics and blank.
  8. Containing copyright issue : The contents should not relate to any certain brand.

4. Upload

Once finished selecting, our DB team start translation of metadata to Korean to be searchable in the search result. It usually takes 2-3 weeks. If separate metadata in excel spreadsheet is provided in the submission, you can save the time for uploading.
2. Rankings and Price per image
The total number of review determines your level. The level will determine price per image. Your level will be updated in every 15th. The more you sell, the higher your royalty.
Total number of Review Level Price per image(USD)
0~499 1 0.25
500~4,999 2 0.27
5,000~49,999 3 0.29
50,000~99,999 4 0.31
100,000~199,999 5 0.33
200,000~449,999 6 0.35
500,000~999,999 7 0.37
1,000,000+ 8 0.4
3. Licenses
TongRo images serves images based on the subscription system.
All Images on the Website (ClipartKorea or ImageToday) are copyrighted and are the property of TongRo Images inc or its content providers ("CP"). TongRo is granted the right of licensing the content provided by CP under non-exclusive, non-transferable condition.

We provide a standard license type only, which allows following uses.
- Websites, blogs, newsletters, web banners and illustrations
- Press articles and magazine illustrations
- Print advertising (magazines, urban displays), commercial documents, packaging
- Slide shows and videos for presentation and broadcast
- Décor design elements, including framed images for personal use
- Commercial use intended for resale(Product Packaging)
4. Payment
  1. You can choose an option from Paypal, Payoneer and Wire transfer to receive payment.
  2. Paypal and Payoneer: When total earnings reach USD 100, your monthly earnings for previous sales will be sent to your account by 5th of the month after next.
    EX) If your earnings reach USD 100 in June, we will process the payment to your account in 5th August.
    If your earnings are less than USD 100, the payment will be pending until the sum of your earnings becomes greater than USD 100.
  3. Wire Transfer : When total earnings reach USD 200, we process the payment in 5th of the month after next.
    EX) If your earnings reach USD 200 in June, we will process the payment to your account in 5th August.
    If your earnings are less than USD 200, the payment will be pending until the sum of your earnings are greater than USD 200.
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